Hi there, welcome to RMJ Drilling. We are a small family owned and operated company who genuinely care about our clients and their needs. Sure, we haven’t been around as long as some of our competitors. But if its experience, reliability and a passion for what we do that you’re seeking on your work site, then you will not find better than RMJ Drilling. With our diverse knowledge of the drilling industry over many decades, we are genuinely one of Melbourne’s most experienced contractors.

Our Services

At RMJ Drilling, we offer a wide range of drilling services to suit any requirement. From our in house designed and built rock drilling equipment, allowing us to drill grounds such as:-
Mudstone Shale Bassalt Bluestone
Granite Ironstone Quarts Rhyolite
Mudstone Shale
Bassalt Bluestone
Granite Ironstone
Quarts Rhyolite
To the more conventional methods in softer formations, where lighter, less aggressive augers are better suited. Ranging in sizes from 100mm to 1200mm diameters, and capable of reaching 8.5m in depth, we have the ability to carry out any drilling requirement on any site.


Money is hard earned. Don’t throw it away using rouge backyard contractors, promising the world. At RMJ Drilling, our name means everything. We work with our clients on every aspect of the project to create not just a result, but an overall business relationship, big or small. In fact we are so confident in our ability to deliver this service, that if we are not able to drill a particular formation, you will not be charged. Good luck finding that elsewhere.


RMJ Drilling has rock drills capable of drilling extremely hard formations. We use not only T3 (triple flight) rock drills, but also in house designed equipment that are considered by many to be the best on the market today. Our rock drills range from 100mm through to 1200mm diameters. All our rock drills are built strong and extremely heavy duty.


Our core barrels at RMJ Drilling are built tough, very tough. We have a variety of barrels ranging from 450mm through to 1050mm diameters. All our core barrels are very heavy duty, and like our rock drills, are cutting edge for this industry, capable of drilling the hardest formations. Our barrels come fitted with rotating TCI teeth, fixed Shark teeth or our very own specially manufactured extreme formation teeth available only through RMJ Drilling.


At RMJ Drilling, we do it all. We have equipment to drill any hole for any purpose. Be it foundations, retaining walls, soldier piers, signage, telecommunications towers etc. We have the ability to carry out any task on any site. Our machines are capable of drilling to 8.5m deep.


RMJ Drilling carries out all excavation work including site cuts, trenching, site clearing and clean ups, right up to major civil projects. We have buckets ranging from 300mm, 450mm, 750mm, general purpose and trenching buckets up to our 1.5-1.8m mud buckets. We can also supply rippers and grabs.

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