Our Passion
RMJ Drilling's vision is to supply Melbourne and Victoria with a first class drilling and excavation service that is second to none. Bringing together the best equipment and knowledge for all our clients on time, every time.
Our Honesty
At RMJ Drilling, our honesty is everything. Upon confirming a start date, we work with our clients from start to finish. All our rates are discussed upfront. So when we arrive on site our clients have the peace of mind to carry on with other areas of their project.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We do not cut corners at RMJ Drilling. All forms of the required work are clearly explained and understood. It is our goal to deliver 100% customer satisfaction first and every time.


RMJ Drilling has rock drills capable of drilling extremely hard formations. We use T3 (triple flight) rock drills that are considered the best on the market today. Our rock drills range from 400mm through to 1000mm diameters. All our rock drills are built strong and extremely heavy duty.


Our core barrels are market leaders in design. We have a variety of barrels ranging from 450mm through to 760mm diameters. All our core barrels are very heavy duty, capable of drilling the hardest of hard formations including basalt and bluestone, all fitted with TCI teeth.


At RMJ Drilling, we do it all. We have equipment to drill any hole for any purpose. Be it foundations, retaining walls, soldier piers, signage, telecommunications towers etc. We have the ability to carry out any task on any site. Our machines are capable of drilling to 8.5m deep.


RMJ Drilling carries out all excavation work including site cuts, trenching, site clearing and clean ups, right up to major civil projects. We have buckets ranging from 300mm ,450mm, 750mm, GP and trenching buckets and 1.5m mud buckets. We also have rippers and grabs available.

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